Control the application

Once a destination is configured properly, the “Start Output” button is enabled and you can build a bridge between the source and the destination by clicking the button. You will see a statistic of the running process for the selected destination.

You can create and run multiple destinations at the same time. On the right list of destinations, you can see if a destination is running or not. The running destinations are highlighted in red.


The process of configuring an application is fast and simple, but if you have multiple destinations, it is better to simplify the process. BridgeWIZ automatically restores the last session when you start the software again. Also, you can save and load projects with options in the File menu or by using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+O hotkeys. If you need to restart the configuration process, you can choose the “New Project” option (Ctrl+N).


When you run BridgeWIZ without a license, all the outputs are covered with a trial message – the message is embedded in the output video (converted, recorded, or streamed). To get rid of the trial overlay, you should purchase and activate a license. To activate a license, you should go to Help->Request a license and send a request with your email to the Tricube team.

The Tricube team will send you a license file (LIC extension) that you can save locally. Then, got to Help->Activate a license menu, point to the license file and click the “Activate” button. Note please that you have to run BridgeWIZ as an administrator so the activation process runs successfully.

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