Playlist management

In the Output tab mode, you control a playlist:


For a playlist, you can set a Background - the content you see when no playlist item is played. You can set color bars, solid colors, a local file, a live source, etc:

<Custom Color> opens a color selection dialog:

<Media File> opens a standard dialog to choose a video file. With the <Playlist> you can use a sequence of files and live sources as a background for your main playback. The <Live> option opens a live source configuration.

Playlist Items

You can use various items for playback:

From top to bottom, the options are:

  • Add a local file - MOV, MXF, MP4, AVI, TS, MKV, etc.

  • Add a live source - web cameras, game capture devices, professional capture devices

  • Add a network stream - UDP, SRT, RTMP, HLS streams, direct links to YouTube, etc.

  • Add a sub-playlist - for better playlist management, just like groups of playlist items

  • Add Image sequence - just set a folder where your images are located

  • Add content from another tab - to use the content you already have in InitWIZ

  • Save the playlist

  • Load a playlist

For example, a small playlist might look like this:

By using the gear button on the right side, you can open the parameters of each playlist item and change its configuration.

You can reorder the items by dragging them.

File Properties

You can set the different parameters of a file and adjust its playback behavior.

Live Properties

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