Multi-target recording

With InitWIZ, you can capture a single signal into multiple destinations at the same time.

For example, you can record a production DNxHD MOV file, capture a proxy MP4 in a low-bitrate mode for video archiving, and stream the signal to the internet at the same time synchronously.

To start this, on the "Capture" tab, click the "MultiCapturing" button:

Then, you will have simple encoding configurations with an option to add more encodings with the "+" button:

To remove the last encoding, click the "-" button.

The control buttons you can find at the right side of the new menu:

All the recordings are running synchronously, so when you click the stop button and the recordings are finalized, the resulting files will have the same duration with the same start frame.

And to get back to the normal capturing mode, click the "X" button.

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