Playback control

On the Output tab, when you work with a playlist, there is a Playback area where you can control the playback:

It includes a timeline where you can perform seeking as well as standard control buttons (from left to right):

  • Shuffle the playlist

  • Loop the current playlist item

  • Start the previous item

  • Pause and go one frame backward

  • Slow reverse playback

  • Fast reverse playback

  • Normal playback

  • Pause

  • Stop

  • Fast forward playback

  • Slow forward playback

  • Pause and one frame forward

  • Start the next item

With the In and Out fields, you can see the in and out points for the selected item.

The Video and Audio lists set the video and audio formats for the playlist and with it, you actually set the output resolution, frame rate, interlacing type, aspect ratio, the number of audio channels and audio sample rate.

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