Tabs - Input options

When you configure a new tab, you can set its type - Input or Output. This choice is available only for I/O devices that can work in both modes, e.g. Decklink devices. Some options support only the Input type.

Here you can set the input line if available, for example, HDMI or SDI capture. Another option is to set the format (video resolution, frame rate, and interlacing type) if available. Most modern devices support auto-detection of input format, but web cameras and game capture devices require setting this parameter.

Next comes LTC Timecode. This is a feature to add a timecode signal to your video from an external source. Usually, it comes from a sound device, so if you need to use an LTC timecode you should select an audio device where you have the LTC signal.

With Audio Settings, you can choose an audio device. If you use a capture device with embedded audio (SDI/HDMI/NDI sources), you can add an external audio source to combine with the original audio source. For other devices, you choose an audio source to work with the video input.

If you choose external audio, you can set a pair of audio channels where the extra audio source is used. Also, you can define which pair of channels to use and which to exclude.

The Audio Gain slider sets the overall audio volume of the source.

Supported Input sources:

  • Blackmagic Design capture devices

  • Magewell devices

  • AJA devices

  • Deltacast devices

  • Bluefish444 devices

  • Web cameras

  • Game capture devices

  • Network streams (SRT, UDP, HLS, RTMP, YouTube videos)

Tabs in the Input mode are highlighted in blue:

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