Multiview control

When you work with many signals at the same time, it might be useful to monitor all of them from a single page. That's the moment when you might need the Multiview feature.

Go to "Tools -> Multiview" to open it:

The Input signals have controls to start, pause, and stop the recording, and you can monitor the statistics of the recording.

The Output signals and the Playback Mode have controls to control the playback:

  • Start/Resume playback

  • Pause

  • Stop

  • Fast forward playback

  • Fast reverse playback

All the elements have the option to start an audio preview.

You can start synchronous multi-channel recording from Multiview, and you can re-arrange the view. You can drag each of the multiview elements, resize them, or change the grid size with the "ReArrange" menu:

To get back to the tabs view, click the "Default View" button.

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