Tabs - Output options

When you configure a new tab, you can set its type - Input or Output. This choice is available only for I/O devices that can work in both modes, e.g. Decklink devices. Some options support only the Output type.

Here is an example:

Here you can set the output line for analog outputs using Decklink devices, for example. And set the keying mode. If there are no native internal or external keying options available, you have fill and key options to output only the alpha channel or only the base video to emulate the keying later.

Supported devices and signals:

  • Blackmagic Design playback devices

  • AJA devices

  • BlueFish444 devices

  • Deltacast devices

  • NDI output

  • Simple playback mode

Tabs of the "Output" type are highlighted in red:

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