Encoding and Streaming

When you work with the Input tab, you can record and control the content with the Capture section:


You should configure the Format, Video Codec, Audio Codec parameters and set the Destination.

InitWIZ supports various options for recording and streaming:

Each of the formats supports its own set of video and audio codecs.

You can open the detailed parameters of the selected format and codecs with the gear button at the right:

where you can tweak the recording parameters, for example, set video and audio bitrate.

Recording control

Once the configuration is done, start the process with the "Rec" button:

You can pause the recording or stop it to finish the process.

With the "Maximal duration" option, you can split the recording files into chunks of fixed duration.

On the left, you can find a list of all the recorded files. You can open its preview or open it in a file explorer. The item appears there once the recording has been started, so you can preview the recorded content while the recording is running.


The "Scheduling" button opens a menu where you can schedule the recordings:

You can set start and stop times to limit the recording time. Also, you can set the repeat behavior with the "Repeat" option where possible options are to record just once, to repeat it daily, or weekly, or monthly:

You can save and load the schedules with controls at the bottom-left area.


Some configurations are really specific, and you can save your favorites as templates for future usage. For this, configure the recording and click the "Add to Templates" button, then name the preset to save it:

The saved preset is listed at the end of the "Format" list:

To change a template configuration, you should click the "Edit Templates" button, choose the desired one, and open the edit menu:

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